lovemaydayparade asked:

I actually do have one question if you don't mind. How do you get a start in music photography? I'm still in high school, so I can't travel, but I live in a town with practiclly no music scene.

Good question! Normally I would say start out by taking photos at friends shows, or of friends bands. With no music scene that may be tough! Start by learning as much as you can about photography, music photography is difficult due to constant changing light, very little light, and your subjects are always moving. Having knowledge about light/shadows and being able to transfer that knowledge in to your camera settings takes lots of time and practice.
If there are any local music venues see if they offer internships. Another good way to start getting into shows is to get a part time job at a small local news paper.
Do you already have a camera? A good way to start learning about aperture/shutter speed/metering is to get an older 35mm film camera like the canon ae-1. I know new cameras do everything for you, but then you’ll never actually learn about how a photo is really captured.
Bottom line, learn as much as you can about the basics of photography. See if there are any classes at your school or community center. Look into photography when you are choosing a college, and just get out and start shooting!
Hope this helps a little :)